Saturday, 30 August 2008


The plethora of private TV channels has provided an opportunity for every Qazi, Imran and Shaikh to somehow squeeze space for themselves into our sitting rooms -uninvited, unconvincing and unwelcome. Yet they are there no matter how many buttons you press on the remote. They refuse to answer questions put to them directly and will say the same thing over and over again. Verbosity is a word unknown to them. In this my first posting I would like to request them and their ilk to first establish their credentials before they open their mouths. Qazi Hussain Ahmed (who incidently has a son studying in America) and Imran 'the lone ranger' Khan (educated in the UK) are election boycotters and therefore have no locus standi to either speak on behalf of the people or criticise a government they did not vote for or against. Please wait until the next elections and politely turn down offers of TV appearances. Shaikh Rasheed of the infamous 'Lal Haveli' forfieted his deposit in the last elections and therefore should not speak for the people.
Qazi Hussain is an American baiter and because of the failed policies of the current US administration has many listeners. But please listen to his expalanation for sending his son to study in the US: "He was studying a subject for which there were no 'boys only' institution in Pakistan. So he had to go to America!
I think that statements like that are an abuse to our intelligence. More later.