Sunday, 26 July 2009

Hello everybody - Everyone is talking about the notice sent by the Supreme court to Gen. Musharraf and what may come of it. I would like to hazard my guess. A top notch lawyer will appear on his behalf (S.S. Pirzada or A.H. Pirzada maybe through Malik Qayyum) and a preliminary objection will be taken that the action of November 03, 2007, was taken in the capacity of the Chief of Army Staff and as such cannot be called in question in the Supreme court. The Court might decide to hear the objections and decide to over-rule them, but more likely might say that they would like to hear the entire case and decide the issue and the main case together. Also an objection may at some stage be taken that the Chief Justice should not hear the case as he was personally affected by the actions taken. What will happen next will be discussed in my next post.

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